I'm Laura, owner of Annie Laura Photo, a portrait & wedding photography business based out of Columbia, SC. I officially launched my business in 2016 however my love for photography started well before then. It wasn't until 2016 after marrying my husband, Matt, that I finally took a little leap of faith. My husband's outlook on life encourages me daily to crush life, as he would say it, and to work hard. 

Matt and I are constantly on-the-go and have willingly accepted this active lifestyle as our new norm. We were both busy before we met in 2015 but once we combined forces, things got a little crazy. We both adore our family and friends but also enjoy traveling around our home state. Matt grew up in Sumter and I grew up in Aiken so we both have never strayed too far from home. Whenever we travel, we love taking weekend trips close by solely because there is so much to see around our community (not based off of my fear of flying at all). 

In the midst of all of the time spent with friends, family, travel and side businesses (Matt is also co-owner of Hypewood), we are actually learning a thing or two. We are learning to slow down and appreciate the moments that we are currently in. We are not experts and still fail daily but we are learning to be present in life. This has only heightened my love for photography, since as photographers, we capture and preserve the moments that are worth remembering and saving.

Take a moment to explore the site and check out my social media accounts (links above) and please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. I would love to connect with you!


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History of Annie Laura Photo


The Beginning

My love for photography really began as a child with my tiny 35mm camera and a self-timer, waiting weeks to develop the photos at the local drug store.

In middle school through college, I was always the friend that had her disposable or digital camera with her, uploading pictures to Myspace immediately following the weekend.

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In 2010 and 2011, I started shooting with a DSLR camera. There was hardly a day I didn’t have that camera with me in those years. My first real camera was a Sony A290 and I loved that camera for 7 solid years. That trusty camera taught me so much about shutter speed, aperture and ISO - the fundamentals of photography. My sister was also instrumental in teaching me the basics of photography.



I shot my first engagement session in 2014 for close friends who trusted me with the task. After this, I shot engagement sessions and some family sessions for friends until 2016. It always gave me so much joy to do this for friends.

This is really when my love for photography grew the most. There was something so awesome about being part of such an exciting time in my friends’ lives.



Annie Laura Photo was launched in 2016 with the dream of just booking one client. I prayed HARD that year for this business in hopes it would become something.

I had married Matt earlier in the year and with his encouragement, I believed in myself and this business.

By the end of 2017, I had booked 55 photography sessions.

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