Maureen & Kevin Main Street Columbia, SC Engagement Session

Maureen + Kevin lived in an apartment off of Main Street and it’s where their story began - so what better place for their pictures than Main Street! It was a HOT morning in Columbia but these two were troopers. Kevin even sported a jacket most of the session, even after he ran back to their friends house where they were staying to get Maureen’s ring (she may or may not have left it there and realized it right before the session began). These two had a friend meet us later with their puppy, Brees, for a few group shots. So glad they did because Brees was a dream pup <3

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Mr & Mrs Hoover 701 Whaley Columbia, SC Spring Wedding

I absolutely loved working with Mickie + Austyn from the very beginning. Seriously dream clients! They are both kind and down-to-earth and were so easy going throughout the entire process. Their wedding day was filled with lots of smiles and such sweet moments - from the first looks to the moment Mickie surprised Austyn with a Clemson Tiger at the reception.

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Talley Home | 5 Facebook Marketplace Tips

If you know me personally or have been following along on my personal insta home journey, then you are likely well aware that I am obsessed with Facebook Marketplace. We moved into a new house March 2018. Since then, I've been on the hunt for great deals for home decor, furniture, etc. If I'm not shopping at HomeGoods or Ross, then I'm honestly on Marketplace. I am 100% bought into the idea that you shouldn't be paying for full price furniture (unless a mattress or a couch) because you can either 1) buy it used 2) build it (well to be clear - Matt can build it).

SO with all of that said, I thought I'd share all of my Facebook Marketplace finds this past year along with a few strategies/tips for Marketplacing.

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Christen & Shane | Millford Plantation Pinewood, SC Engagement Session

THRILLED to share these pictures! It was my first time shooting at Millford and I’m so glad it ended up being with Christen and Shane. These two were so easy-going and fun. It felt like we had known each other for years and we had just met. Also I have to tell this part of the story because it’s the best part. At the end of the session, Shane told Chisten he made surprise reservations at a nice restaurant for that night. AREN’T THEY JUST THE BEST?

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Baby Talley Due in December!

Matt and I are so excited to be expecting this year with a baby due in December!

We have been overwhelmed with so much joy already from family and friends. In fact, we did a little gender reveal a few weeks ago and found out we are having a GIRL! I think the reaction from everyone was priceless. Matt comes from a family of all boys so we both assumed we would have a boy. We were shocked to see the dogs come out of the house with little pink balloons on. The day after we found out, I pretty much cried on and off all day at the thought of the Lord gifting us with a little girl. And I can’t even wait to see Matt become a hashtag girl dad.

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Bekah | Florence, SC Bridal Session

YAY! Finally getting to share Bekah’s bridals with everyone! The thing about bridals is that they are typically scheduled months in advance but you can never 100% count on weather cooperating. Fortunately for Bekah, the rain held off. We were both probably a nervous wreck the entire day. When I arrived in Florence for the session, there was a 100% chance of rain but it wasn’t raining yet. The skies were scary dark but the SECOND we started the session, the clouds moved away. It was such a blessing and I’m so glad we were able to get some pictures at the end with some sunshine even!

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Mickie Brown | 701 Whaley Columbia, SC Bridal Session

This session was a dream! I have always wanted to do a session at 701 Whaley so whenever the pollen in Columbia was OUT of control, we searched around for indoor venues for Mickie’s bridal session. Fortunately, Mickie and Austyn were getting married at 701 so we were able to book 701 for her bridals easily.

Mickie’s dress was STUNNING and I will forever love these pictures!

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The Big Fake Wedding | Charleston, SC Wedding

As some of you social media followers may know, I participated in an event a month ago called The Big Fake Wedding in Charleston, SC. Confused about the fact that it’s a fake wedding? Don’t worry, I got lots of questions about that. The event is essentially a bridal show that takes place at a wedding venue and each vendor participates in the actual wedding - meaning the florists supplied flowers, the photographers photographed the event, the wedding coordinator coordinated the ceremony, the getaway car company WAS the getaway car after the exit. OH and the wedding itself was actually a vow renewal for a couple.

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Kayla USC Horseshoe Columbia, SC Senior Session

I mentioned this on Instagram earlier this week but senior sessions are truly like a blind date at the USC Horseshoe. There are SO many other seniors there waiting to meet their photographer that it feels like they think you’re theirs or vice versa. Always cracks me up but I am SO incredibly happy that I got to meet Kayla last week for her senior session. She is so insanely kind and funny! She is also gorgeous. OH and she did her own make up for her pictures which was flawless!

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3 Ways to Create a Fun & Interactive Wedding Website

I know, I know! This may be the last thing you want to add to your to-do list as a bride however a good website can really help weddings guests with the below…

A) RSVP for your wedding or provide interactive submission forms
B) Find your wedding location/accommodations easily
C) Locate your registry online without having to print out those crazy long lists at the store

So before you toss this item in the trash, consider this. Think about your own behavior whenever you want to find the answer to something easily. If you’re anything like me, you probably google it. We are all pretty much attached to our phones 24/7. It's often the first place we all go to to find answers now. I’m not really pulling out my phone book anymore. Also I’m not sure about you, but often times whenever I’m trying to remember registry info or invitation details, I’m away from home. Having a website allows for wedding guests to easily locate all the details of your big day right from their smartphone.

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Mickie & Austyn Clemson, SC Fall Engagement Session

SO SO SO excited to share these images from my engagement session with Mickie & Austyn. Believe it or not, these two made a USC grad fall in love with Clemson, SC. I haven’t been to Clemson a ton and never on a non-game day so my past experience with Clemson was nothing like this day. The campus was quiet (almost deserted that early in the morning the day after a home football game) and there was no one walking around yet. Not to mention it was just a fun day getting to hang out with these two. So relaxed and laid back, just chatting and walking around campus.

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Mr & Mrs Klauck Columbia, SC Wedding

Finally sharing Whitney and Caelum’s Fall wedding on the blog! I loved so much about their special day - from their amazing families, to the champagne saber, to Whitney & Caelum’s dancing skills…the list goes on. For having not known either Whitney and Caelum prior to this, I truly think the world of this couple now. These are two truly incredible people and I’m so excited to watch their life together unfold.

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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding: Holiday Edition

The title of this article is once something that would have given me nightmares whenever I used to work in Paid Search Marketing. We would begin talking about Holiday with clients in usually July or August and it was always a crazy busy time to be in that industry. It took a while for the words “Black Friday” to not give me a headache.

Despite the headaches, I look back on the time I spent in SEM as an experience I would never trade for anything. I gained a lot of knowledge from people far smarter than myself, acquiring skills from them that I still use today. I learned a tremendous amount about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays in general. I also learned a ton about the shoppers' experience and how that translates to brands ROI in the end. It was all very fascinating and something I still can find myself paying attention to during this time of year.

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Bekah & Nick Columbia, SC Engagement Session

I just delivered this gallery to Bekah and Nick today and can you tell I’m too excited to share these? This has to be the fastest gallery delivery to blog post in ALP history. For Bekah and Nick’s engagement session, we met at the Sandhills Research Center in Columbia, SC and the weather was the first cool day of the “Fall” season (aka perfection). Whenever I imagine engagement sessions, theirs was honestly exactly what I think of. Not just because of the weather, but because of how they interacted together.

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Mr & Mrs Liller Suprise Greenville, SC Wedding

If there was an award show, just for weddings, Mike and Melissa would win best surprise - hands down. They pulled off one big surprise wedding in their backyard in Greenville, SC this Summer. They convinced family and friends that they were having a housewarming party and once everyone was there - they let everyone know that “you’re actually here for our wedding”.

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Mr & Mrs Cutter Manning, SC Wedding

So excited to share another wedding that I helped Carla Talley with this summer - this time in Manning, SC with English + King - aka Kinglish. Their day was filled with so many great memories and you can tell that family means so much to both of them. I always love to see how each couple incorporates sentiment into their big day and this seemed to be such a common theme for English and King.

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Mr & Mrs Green Pawley's Island, SC Wedding

Once again, so excited to share a few of my personal images from another wedding with Carla Talley. This time in Pawley's Island and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Montgomery + Ecton, I could go on for days about your wedding. Everything was so incredibly beautiful - from the quaint chapel for the ceremony, to the Packard, to the florals, to the sunset.

On top of all of this perfection, the day was filled with so much sentiment. Montgomery got ready at her family's beach house on the island - filled with years of memories. She also gifted Ecton with a ticket from the night they met in Nashville at an event called Beers & Hymns. Montgomery also requested to take pictures on their dock prior to the ceremony, dressed in her beautiful gown with her aunt's veil.

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Jessica & Austin New York City, New York Engagement Session

There are few people in the world as funny, genuine and loving as Jessica Cavett. We have been friends since high school and I've always loved the time I've spent with her. She has always kept me laughing - no matter how much time has passed. Whenever Austin proposed, I was beyond thrilled that they asked me to take their engagement pictures. Even more so whenever they wanted them to be in NYC - where she and Austin lived for many years. 

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Tessa Hopeland Gardens Aiken, SC Bridal Session

A few days prior to this session with Tessa, the forecast started to look a little scary. There was rain forecasted all day with a particularly high percentage around the time of her session in Aiken. Fortunately, she prayed ALL day for great weather and her prayers were answered! The second we pulled up to Hopeland Gardens the rain stopped. In fact, it held off until the second we got back in my car to leave after the session was over.

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