Johnson Family Carolina Beach, NC Session

About a month ago, my entire family vacationed at Carolina Beach, NC for an entire week. During this trip, some of us fell in love with waking up to watch the sunrise because of the amazing views from the beach condo AND some good old fashioned peace and quiet (PS I think waking up early on vacation is called adulting). Watching the sun come up over the water and a completely empty beach is the best time for some peace and quiet but do you know what else it's the best time for? Pictures!

I was able to take some pictures for my brother and his wife during our time at the beach. Danielle broke her leg a while back and matching with her optimistic personality, kept a smile on her face as she went along the tough road to recovery. She was still on crutches the entire week while we were at the beach although you would never even known by looking through these pictures. It has been a joy watching by brother and his wife grow in their marriage over the past couple of years and it was even more special getting to capture some pictures of them that they will hopefully treasure forever.