Jennifer, Blake & Indy Columbia, SC Session

I look forward to every single session that I do, however I greatly look forward to sessions with families and their dog(s). Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with my dog and understand the bond that you can have with your pet and that a dog really can be part of the family. Argue with me all you want. Call me crazy. Dogs are family. Or maybe it's because they bring such great energy to a session. Regardless, I love it.

This is why I'm beyond excited to share these pictures of Jennifer, Blake and Indy. Indy is a standard poodle with some style. Seriously. Jennifer bought Indy a tie from Etsy - a bow tie. Let me repeat - BOW TIE. It was beyond cute and honestly made for the most fun session at the Riverfront Park in Columbia, SC with these two. Enjoy! Share these with your friends, family and furry friends, too!