Ruff Family Columbia, SC Session

From time to time, I get asked if dogs can tag along to a photo session for some family photos. People want to include their pets, especially for Christmas card pictures (Matt and I included). I am always happy to say "Of course!". There's something I love about photo sessions with dogs.

This statement alone is something that would have never been said by 6 year old me since I was deathly afraid of dogs. Deathly, being the scream that would come out of my mouth whenever I was outside the same time as our neighbors' 8 pound Pomeranian. Fortunately I was able to grow out of this fear years and years ago (read: not until I was 13) so whenever Elizabeth reached out to me asking about Christmas card pictures, dog included, I was excited.

I met Tom, Elizabeth and Sully for a photo session at the SC State House. I loved getting to know them during our time together and was so impressed by how well trained Sully was, even as a puppy. Planning for a photo session in December in South Carolina can be a little unpredictable but the weather turned out amazing (slightly warm even) and we had a great time together.