Mullins Family Greenville, SC Session

I am so excited to share this session of the most photogenic family. This family session was complete with demin, leather skirts, cowboy boots and leopard dresses - the Mullins family DID NOT disappoint. We decided on the Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville, SC for the location, which is located right near Cleveland Park - slightly hidden in downtown Greenville.

Mae Todd and Bo have two little girls - Elizabeth Todd and Pearson. First of all, both Elizabeth Todd and Pearson could be J. Crew models. They were both coming up with their own poses during the entire session and nothing but smiles in their perfectly coordinated outfits. Second of all, their relationship is so much of what sisterhood is all about. I was able to snap a few pictures of just how precious these two are together. It doesn't take much to see how close knit this sweet family really is. Enjoy!