Brent & Hannah Columbia, SC Engagement Session

All of y'all know that I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy, right? I mean I named one of our golden retrievers after a golden in a 90s Tom Hanks rom-com so I feel like it's a little obvious? But the best part to me, other than the few scenes with golden retrievers, is the intro. How do these two people, in a world of millions of people, end up meeting each other? What moments lead to this in the movie? This is part of the reason that I'm obsessed with the story of how Brent and Hannah met. 

Some good friends of ours, Tyler and Shelby, were married back in September 2016. Hannah was a bridesmaid and Brent was a good friend of Tyler's from the Citadel. AND THE REST IS HISTORY. But really they both met during the wedding weekend and immediately hit it off. I can remember seeing these two together at the wedding and it was easy to see that they just clicked. They have been together ever since that day in September so having been there whenever they met, I was thrilled with the opportunity to take their engagement pictures.

Venue: University of South Carolina's Horseshoe