Jennifer & Blake Lake Murray Columbia, SC Engagement Session

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there's one spot in Columbia that is pretty much packed every weekend with lots of people from Columbia and the surrounding areas. There are people anchored out, swimming and hanging out with friends all around. For Matt & I, on a typical weekend on the lake, we will meet or introduce ourselves to at least 3 people while there honestly because it's such an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

This is exactly the environment where Jennifer and Blake met. They met a little over 3 years ago at Lake Murray. Whenever it was time to talk about locations for their engagement session, they couldn't help but feel drawn to Lake Murray.  

Jennifer and Blake have had quite the year. Right after their engagement, Blake had to have back surgery and was still in recovery during our session. What a trooper, right? Bonus points for Blake. He even climbed down on some rocks for a few dreamy pictures (sorry again, Blake).