Matt & Tessa Redcliffe Plantation Aiken, SC Engagement Session

I am so excited to share these pictures of Matt & Tessa. These two are some really great friends but even more, they are incredible people. I have known both of them since high school and like most high school friendships, there is something to be said about friendships with roots like that. I've had the opportunity to see these two grow and change so much throughout the years. Our conversations are no longer about college courses or high school teachers, but about Jesus and marriage and careers. Likewise, Matt and Tessa started dating in college so they have been through so much throughout the years together. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting either of these two, you really should. Tessa always has a smile on her face and is always encouraging and sweet. Matt is constantly looking at the bright side of things or finding a way to make someone laugh. Matt and I have had dinner with both of them recently and always leave feeling so blessed with their friendship.

Venue: Redcliffe Plantation State Park