Mickie Brown | 701 Whaley Columbia, SC Bridal Session

This session was a dream! I have always wanted to do a session at 701 Whaley so whenever the pollen in Columbia was OUT of control, we searched around for indoor venues for Mickie’s bridal session. Fortunately, Mickie and Austyn were getting married at 701 so we were able to book 701 for her bridals easily.

Mickie’s dress was STUNNING and I will forever love these pictures!

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Tessa Hopeland Gardens Aiken, SC Bridal Session

A few days prior to this session with Tessa, the forecast started to look a little scary. There was rain forecasted all day with a particularly high percentage around the time of her session in Aiken. Fortunately, she prayed ALL day for great weather and her prayers were answered! The second we pulled up to Hopeland Gardens the rain stopped. In fact, it held off until the second we got back in my car to leave after the session was over.

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Sara Wavering Place Plantation Columbia, SC Bridal Session

Let me give you a little background on this beauty here. I met Sara through Matt after we started dating because, at the time, she was dating Matt's close friend Grant (who is now her husband, don't worry it's a happy story). From the very beginning Sara was incredibly kind and considerate. Matt would always talk so highly about both Grant and Sara. In fact, the day after Matt and I met, he went to a basketball game with these two mysterious people.

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