Talley Home | 5 Facebook Marketplace Tips

If you know me personally or have been following along on my personal insta home journey, then you are likely well aware that I am obsessed with Facebook Marketplace. We moved into a new house March 2018. Since then, I've been on the hunt for great deals for home decor, furniture, etc. If I'm not shopping at HomeGoods or Ross, then I'm honestly on Marketplace. I am 100% bought into the idea that you shouldn't be paying for full price furniture (unless a mattress or a couch) because you can either 1) buy it used 2) build it (well to be clear - Matt can build it).

SO with all of that said, I thought I'd share all of my Facebook Marketplace finds this past year along with a few strategies/tips for Marketplacing.

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Baby Talley Due in December!

Matt and I are so excited to be expecting this year with a baby due in December!

We have been overwhelmed with so much joy already from family and friends. In fact, we did a little gender reveal a few weeks ago and found out we are having a GIRL! I think the reaction from everyone was priceless. Matt comes from a family of all boys so we both assumed we would have a boy. We were shocked to see the dogs come out of the house with little pink balloons on. The day after we found out, I pretty much cried on and off all day at the thought of the Lord gifting us with a little girl. And I can’t even wait to see Matt become a hashtag girl dad.

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Baby Reames Gender Reveal Party Aiken, SC

Y'ALL MY BEST FRIEND IS HAVING A GIRL! Yesterday was such a fun day and Lauren and Brooks chose a unique way to share this news with their friends and family. The party theme was Tutus & Tees so they hit a golf ball filled with either pink or blue dust to reveal it to everyone. It was absolutely perfect and Matt and I couldn't be more thrilled for these sweet friends of ours. Which PS - this baby is going to be one pretty baby. I mean look at her parents?!

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South Carolina State Fair Columbia, SC

For the past few years, Mary and I have gone to the SC State Fair together. Shout out to her aunt who provides us with tickets and ride passes each year! Things have changed some since we started going and we've added a couple more guys to the mix ;) but I love these memories with my sweet friend and look forward to this day each October. Last year Mary and Zach had just started dated and this year, they are just one week away from their wedding. 

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Meet Scout!

If you don't follow me on social media or have been living under a rock (I've been blowing up all forms of social media but I'm not apologizing), then you might not know but about a month and a half ago, Matt and I drove to Athens, TN to pick up this lil pup. Shout out to Weston's Golden Retrievers. So meet the newest addition to the Talley fam, Scout. She's full of energy and is already best friends with Brinkley. They take naps together, run around the house chasing each other (in fact, they are doing that right now) and play tug-of-war for hours. We love having two pups in the house and can't wait for many more adventures!

Follow along on social media: @itsbrinkleyandscout
All things Brinkley: #bringingupbrinkley
All things Scout: #seescoutplay
All things Brinkley & Scout: #brinkleyandscout

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One Year Anniversary in Saint Simons Island, GA

If you follow me on any sort of social media platform, you probably noticed a few snaps, Instagram stories or posts around the end of April with lots of spanish moss, oaks trees and beach hair (from both Brinkley & myself). Search the hashtag #TalleyTimeOff for the recap. There were also a few bike rides mixed in there, too. Matt and I decided to take a mini-vacation to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and also decided to take Brinkley along for the ride. This was obviously to avoid me having to say "I miss Brinkley" eighty-two times before the vacation was over but also because Saint Simons is super dog friendly. 

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2016 Rewind

Well, well, well. Hey there everyone. It has been a while, right? I haven’t posted a blog in so long that the website didn’t auto-populate my username. CRAZY. But, I decided to take a little bit of a break from social media and blogging for Annie Laura Photography to enjoy the holidays and take time to unwind after a crazy and exciting year so while it may have been a while since I last posted, I was able to enjoy my first married holiday with my husband Matt and build lots of new memories with my family and friends, which was invaluable to me.

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Sunday Best | Adventures at the River Columbia, SC

I don't know many people that love Sunday as much as my husband, Matt. He spends most days during the week waking up at 4:30 so to sleep in until 7 on a Sunday is a luxury. Add in some quiet time in the morning spent while I'm getting ready for church and you've got the making of the perfect day. This Sunday, he decided to take Brinkley to the river to explore more of this city we call "home." I tagged along and took some pictures of their adventuring.

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Logo Design by Kelly Phillips

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a ton of creative and driven people - one of them being my sister, Kelly. She is an extremely talented designer - in fact, I actually used to be an intern at the advertising agency where she used to work and on my lunch break, I would literally just watch her work. One day, it could have been an email banner, the next it could have been an entire website re-design. And I would just sit there, completely mesmerized. So whenever it came time for me to create a logo for a photography business I've wanted to launch for years, I luckily didn't have to look far. 

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