Style Guide

Finding a photographer and booking a photography session can be stressful enough. Let me help you with the rest! Below are a few helpful tips and tricks for styling your session. 


Couples: Men

  • Layers, Layer, Layers!

Even on a hot day, layers look amazing on camera for multiple reasons! Examples would be a sport coat, vest or blazer. This can always be removed at any time during the session. 

  • The dressier the better

It's not every day that you get professional photos made, right? For engaged couples especially, I recommend getting dressed up for the occasion.

  • Dress shoes are a must

While you may be inclined to bring flip flops or tennis shoes, these tend to become where the eye gravitates towards in pictures. We want people to be looking at your beautiful faces, not your feet. Brown Leather shoes are a personal favorite of mine!

  • Pants versus shorts

Similar to shoes, you may be more inclined to wear shorts - especially on a hot day, however long, fitted pants tend to photograph better. Dark denim, navy or even dark gray are great color options. Khakis are also a good option!


Couples: Women

  • The dressier the better!

The same rule applies for you ladies! You have likely been thinking about/researching engagement pictures and weddings for years. Why not dress up for the occasion?!

  • Long, full-length dresses

These tend to photograph the best on camera however this is not necessary. Short dresses or even long, denim pants are just as lovely!

  • Softer fabrics like Chiffon and Tulle

Once again, this is certainly not necessary but the camera LOVES softer fabrics like chiffon and tulle, especially during golden hour. Avoid wrinkly fabrics like linen as they are heavier and don’t photograph quite as well.

  • Closed-toe Heels

These typically photograph best as they elongate the legs! Open-toe heels are also a great choice! Keep in mind sandals will still be a necessity in case we are walking from location to location and your feet need a break.


Color Coordination

  • Try to stick to lighter colors

Avoid bright colors as this will draw the eye away from your faces. Focus on lighter colors such as light blue and pale pink. Other great options are neutrals such as champagne or cream.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns!

You don’t need to be matchy- matchy to look coordinated on camera. In fact, wearing the same color/pattern on camera is sometimes a little bit too much. Larger patterns such as plaid can look great with smaller patterns like polka dots or leopard.

  • Avoid wearing the same dominant color

If you are wearing white, then maybe have your partner complement this with navy or vice versa. Avoid both wearing the same shade of blue or white.

Pro Tip: Pack a pair of comfortable shoes for walking from place to place during your session.

Pro Tip: If you decide to do multiple outfits, bring something easy to change into as facilities may not be available at some venues.

Pro Tip: Have fun and don’t stress! In the end, you will want these photographs to be a reflection of you! Also, guys, I promise it’s not that bad!